concours du cafe


The International Young Coffee Professional contest


This year, the 14th Young Coffee Professional contest will be held. 90 schools from many different countries will participate, and this year's contest will include contestants from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, and even from China!

Cyril Vieilly,

from the hotelschool of Toulon (France) and winner in 2006.

The 2008 competition will be held in Belgium in March.


The contestants who earn the highest point totals will participate in the finals in Nice, where they will complete six tests; these won't be easy, since the judges will have to select a winner from among 36 contestants!


The contest winner will receive a trip to a coffee-producing country, accompanied by his or her teacher.


There's also a second prize to be won. This is a trip to France's Côte d'Azur with several gourmet meals on the agenda!


In order to prepare for the contest, free training sessions are offered to hotel and restaurant management schools. These sessions bring theory and practice together, and make it possible to answer numerous questions about the drink that generates the horeca sector's greatest profit margin:


Where does coffee come from? What is the importance of coffee to a business in the horeca sector? How can we add value to coffee?


Our team is available to handle registration.

This year, Belgium was represented by the hotelschool of Saint Ghislain with:


Mr Dimitri Querson, teacher of the participants Jean Adelson Razée and Aurélien Nys.