Like wine, coffee has its own history, varieties and subtleties. It is also an important economic factor for producing countries, and for horeca businesses. Thus, coffee deserves special attention, and must be recognized for its true value. Because of this, Rombouts has an entire team dedicated to training.

Training for the horeca sector


Preparation of hot or cold coffee drinks, the coffee menu, single origin coffees for gourmet restaurants, creation of gourmet agreements, Fair Trade coffee, etc.

All of these ideas allow Rombouts to offer new ideas to its clients, and the company is actively working on these projects each and every day.


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Hotel and Restaurant Management Schools


Each year, Rombouts offers courses on coffee for hotel and restaurant management schools in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Where does coffee come from? Who is involved in the coffee industry? What is the importance of coffee to a business? What are the guidelines to follow for making good coffee? How should coffee be served?

The answers to all of these questions are presented by our training team.


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Factory Tours and Conferences


Rombouts is always mindful of sharing its passion for coffee; in this spirit, the company regularly offers factory tours for associations, business schools, engineering schools, etc.


Competitions for professionals


Sinds two years Rombouts organises competitions.

Notably with the Barista Competition and the

Competition for Quality Label-certified businesses,

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