our approach


Sustainable development involves both individual and collective awareness, but it also raises questions of communication, geopolitical stakes and innovation.


Over approximately the last ten years, the concept of sustainable development has become known in the world. It represents a new reality, with which our societies are confronted and which challenges our production and consumption models; it imposes limits as a reaction to the depletion of fossil fuels, to worldwide environmental degradation and to the increase in North/South inequalities. The alarm has sounded: damage to land-based ecosystems will have direct consequences for humans, and the doubling of the world population in the next 40 years means that today, we are facing an energy blockade.


Rombouts decided to look into this concept. Since 2004, the company has asked itself these types of questions:

- What exactly does this term mean?

- Do Fair Trade and Sustainable Development mean the same thing?

- What should our partners' commitment to this concept be? Does it, or should it change the way we work?

- Does it bring added value to our company?

- How can we communicate with outsiders about this?


Since then, Rombouts has implemented a service department to accompany Rombouts on this journey on a daily basis. These reflections have resulted in initiatives such as:



- Regenerative Thermal Oxidation

- Sorting and decreasing garbage

- Reduction of plastic packaging

- Decreasing factory emissions

- Implementation of an energy saving system.

- Internal sanitation system

- Regular discussions with local residents

- Recycling of certain waste products right inside the factory