sfeerbeeld koffie


a successful coffee


Several parameters are important in making a good coffee and these are sometimes neglected.

L'eau de Malongo

Water and limescale


Good quality water is essential to obtaining a good coffee. Hard water will produce a hard and bitter coffee. Mineral water with a low calcium content is therefore recommended or tap water if it has been through a softener. Another important principle is that boiling water should never be used, it should be simmering at 92-95°.


The grounds and the dose


Fine, medium or large grounds… it all depends on the type of cafetière.

The finest grounds are those used for making Turkish coffee. Then expresso which is still quite fine. Other filtering methods use more or less the same size grounds .Wrappings generally indicate the calibre of the coffee grounds.

For filter coffee, the recommended dose is 10 grams of coffee per cup, which is roughly a heaped dessert spoonful.

To make an expresso, a dose of 7 grams per cup is ideal. This dose is used in the manufacture of 123Spresso pods.

cafe et sucre

The cup and sugar


It is always preferable to use a tulip-shaped cup, made of porcelain, with a thick rim and if one takes sugar, it should be caster sugar.