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Conferences and press conferences are regularly held in Belgium and France in order to raise the public's awareness and respond to questions about Fair Trade

At the heart of Free Trade


What is the value of Fair Trade for the producer, the roaster and the distributor?


A conference was held during Fair Trade week to answer this very question. Before an audience of journalists, it brought together:


Mr. Stevens, the director of the Antwerp Hilton Hotel

Mr. Hugo Rombouts, coffee roaster

Mr. Jos d'Hooghe, who contributed to the development of the CDI Bwamanda Cooperative in Congo.


These three men were then able to tell the story of how and why they became involved in Fair Trade.


This conference also launched an exhibition of photographs by the well-known photojournalist Eric Bonnier. These photographs allowed visitors to get a visual image of what coffee represents in the world, and of the living conditions of producers who are part of a Fair Trade Cooperative.



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Africa: Challenges and opportunities


On April 26 and 27, a conference was held at the Poortackere monastery in Ghent, Belgium, bringing together representatives from African coffee cooperatives.

For this conference, Hugo Rombouts was asked to offer his personal story:


“I've visited Africa many times, and it has some of the best coffees in the world. This is a real treasure. It's an extraordinary treasure that Africans know how to grow perfectly in certain countries, despite the existing political problems. “


Rombouts has always been very satisfied with its collaboration with certain Fair Trade cooperatives, notably with the Bwamanda Cooperative in Congo, and in Ethiopia.