Coffee's presentation is critical, and because of this Rombouts has designed collections of coffee cups to best present the coffee served in your establishment, as well as a tray and a wooden chest to display the coffee pods.















































Italian espresso


This cup was specially made for preparing Italian-style espresso. Its shape allows it to form and maintain the creamy layer at the top of the coffee.


Volume: 8 cl

Packaging: 4 cups and saucers






Perfect for “long” Belgian-style espressos, this cup's conical shape gives the best creamy layer on the coffee.


Volume: 18 cl

Packaging: 4 cups and saucers




This wide cup was specially designed for latte-type coffee drinks which require large quantities of coffee and milk.



Volume: 25 cl

Packaging: 4 cups and saucers





These cups are stackable, so they can easily be stacked on a professional machine without falling.


Contenu:18 cl

Emballage: par 4 tasses et sous-tasses


FILTer cup


These cups are specially designed for Rombouts filters, whose shape they follow perfectly.


Volume: 22 cl

Packaging: 4 cups and saucers








This glass is ideal for serving Irish Coffee. Marks also enable you to measure the ingredients correctly.


Holds: 25 cl







This glass is the shape typically used in Hasselt to serve Hasselt Coffee.


Marks also enable you to measure the ingredients correctly.


Holds: 25 cl











Special collection

Rombouts has developed a collection of cups that are specially designed for customers who use the 1,2,3 Spresso system.




A set of four brightly coloured original coffees which highlight the coffee.









This collection features the ambiance of four European capitals.





These brightly-coloured cups are designed with artistic motifs.









These magnificent cups are decorated with the most famous paintings by the Flemish painter Brueghel.


This unbreakable tray combines beauty and usefulness since it allows you to serve coffee and a variety of accompaniments (cookies, chocolates, sugar, milk, etc).






Wooden CHEST

Rombouts designed this custom-made wood coffee chest.


The chest makes it possible to display 1,2,3 Spresso pods with information sheets on each type of coffee.


It also has five levels of storage, on which you can store a pack of 10 pods, or 11 individually packaged pods.