1,2,3 Spresso


Rombouts offers six varieties of coffee in 1,2,3 Spresso pods: three samplers and just as many Single Origins. The 1,2,3 Spresso system's ease of use makes it simple to offer a coffee selection menu.


grande réserve


The reference ! A selection of the best Arabicas for a remarkably smooth expresso.

BRazIL sul de minas


The best coffee in Brazil. Powerful, with a rich body and lingering taste:

the connaisseur’s expresso


COlombia suprêmo


Coffee beans from the mountain plateaux. Flatters the palate with its fine and fruity aroma and its light but rounded body.



ethiopie sidamo from Ethiopia


A  wild and aromatic beverage. All the flavour of the original bean.






FAIR TRADE - SMALL coffee farmers


Produced by small-scale producers in Central America, an Arabica with a fruity taste and intense flavour to make a rich and creamy expresso.





A harmonious combination of the most noble coffee varieties,

powerful and flavoursome.