Rombouts has perfected simple training methods that allow you to easily learn how to create new recipes or create coffee selection menus. Rombouts also prepares contestants for the barista competition, and has created a Quality Label.


Training for the professionals


Preparation of hot and cold coffee drinks, single-origin coffee selection menus for gourmet restaurants, preparation of gourmet agreements, Fair Trade coffee, etc.


There's no end to the ideas that Rombouts can offer to horeca businesses.






Quality Label


An excellent cup of coffee is the result of a good relationship and mutual commitments.


Together, and with the “Rombouts Coffee House Quality Label”, we offer your customers a perfect espresso, but also some new ideas.


Our objective is to guarantee the customer a perfect result in the cup, while abiding by quality standards that have been studied and perfected by Rombouts.


In order to help you achieve this goal, Rombouts offers free training sessions.


In addition, each year we organize a competition between the “Quality Label” holders, and the prizes include trips!


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The Barista Competition




Practically every country has a barista competition every year.

•In 2005, Belgium finally decided to participate.


The winner of the Belgian Championship can then represent Belgium in the world competition, and compete for the title of “World's Best Barista. “


The Belgian Barista Championship is organized by the VSW, which is authorized by the SCAE to select contestants at the national level. Because of this, the VSW thoroughly subscribes to the philosophy of the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).



What is a barista?


A barista is someone who excels at making espresso drinks.


The barista knows how to make espresso under any and all conditions, and knows how to apply the final touch that will make the espresso attractive.


Making a perfect espresso can be considered an art.


Of course, a barista has to not only make the perfect espresso, but also make all espresso-based drinks, such as cappuccino, latte, etc.


The Championship


Many horeca industry professionals compete for the title of “Belgium's Best Barista. “


Thus, they must prove to the judges that they can make the following drinks within 15 minutes, using a traditional machine with a grinder:


  • 4 espressos
  • 4 cappuccinos
  • 4 espresso drinks of their choice

Good luck!