Coffee accompaniments are extremely important, since they must go perfectly with the coffee. For this reason, Rombouts has carried out a rigorous selection process for you.



Cookie Assortments


Style, elegance and perfection!

We give particular attention to selecting the cookies that go with your coffee.


As the quality of these accompaniments must be equal to that of the coffee, Rombouts procures them from the finest cookie and candy makers in Europe.


There are numerous varieties, including with or without chocolate coating, crispy, and soft.


These cookies have been specially selected to go with Rombouts coffees.





Chocolate delicacies



9.5 grams of dark chocolate (52% cocoa content).

Ideal match for coffee.


Packaging: per 210


9.5 grams of milk chocolate (32% cocoa content).


A delicious piece of chocolate.


Packaging: per 210







5 grams of very fine sugar.  Specially designed to leave the espresso froth intact.


Packaging: per 1000


A small 5 g sugar cube that is ideal for drip coffee.


Packaging: per 1000



10 g of milk developed by Rombouts to give a specific taste to the coffee without masking its flavour.


Packaging: per 200