Filter system


Filter coffee is an important item, especially for hotels, where this specific kind of coffee is consumed in high quantities. Rombouts has a wide and flexible product line and will know how to best advise you.

Large Capacity


Rombouts offers the Bravilor line; there are various models with the following brewing capacities.

  • B5: 5 litres in 10 minutes
  • B10: 10 litres in 10 minutes
  • B20: 20 litres in 14 minutes
  • B40: 40 litres in 17 minutes

This is the perfect system for locations with rush periods that require large quantities of filter coffee.

Any time, these machines, which are connected to the water supply system, can prepare large quantities of filter coffee in portable containers. These containers can then be taken to the serving area.




The Isorom Percolator allows you to make 1.9 litres of fresh coffee in 6 minutes. To do this, you use our pre-measured 70 gram coffee bags.

This coffee maker comes with two thermoses, and it can be provided to you on loan.

Any necessary repairs to the machine are at no cost.



Rombouts invented the typical Belgian filter, which has become synonymous with the highest-quality filter coffee.

Rombouts filters are the simplest and most effective way to serve a cup of fresh coffee in the office at any time.



So that you can use Rombouts filters or make a cup of tea, a full range of hot water dispensers, Rombouts offers you a full range of hot water dispensers.