Fair Trade


Each year, Rombouts strengthens its desire to participate even more fully in the development of Fair Trade. In addition to offering a complete line of products bearing the Max Havelaar seal of approval, Rombouts has various programs to raise its corporate clientele's awareness, and it also offers a variety of free brochures and a subscription to “World of Coffee.”

A Full Product Line


Rombouts offers small, large and very large businesses a full line of Fair Trade coffee in different types of packaging for all types of needs.


More information on Fair Trade

Ongoing Support


Rombouts not only offers Fair Trade coffee, but often sponsors programs to raise its customers' awareness, particularly during Fair Trade week.


We also have brochures about what Fair Trade is and what advantages it offers for the producer and the consumer, etc.


Don't hesitate to ask us for these! We're happy to provide these to you at no charge.

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Rombouts publishes three editions of “World of Coffee” every year.

This is a free magazine which deals with different coffee-related topics such as coffee and health, coffee drinks and the importance of coffee in offices, and each issue has an article on Fair Trade with a profile of a plantation or an ongoing project.