Rombouts, number 1


Rombouts is the market leader in the horeca sector in Belgium, and this didn't happen by chance! The value of Rombouts' coffees is responsible for this, not to mention its professional service and the new ideas that it offers to its customers.


Our objective is simple: We guarantee our customers a perfect result in their cup.


In terms of machines and hardware, we work in close collaboration with coffee machine manufacturers in order to offer not only the best-functioning machines, but with the goal of offering our customers an impeccable level of customer service.


The coffee itself is roasted using traditional methods, and different varieties of coffee have been created specifically for the different machines. In order to assist our customers in making their selection, a field team is fully available.


Finally, Rombouts wants to be not only a flawless coffee provider, but also an idea partner, suggesting special trainings on the coffee menu and the Quality Label.


Custom Solutions


One advantage that Rombouts offers its customers is its ability to respond to all types of needs. For example, we offer our hotel clients custom solutions that are constantly being studied and implemented by our teams. These solutions serve the various points of consumption in the hotels: breakfasts, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, guest rooms, etc. )

Finally, we also help you achieve your goals with personalized use plans for self-service machines, coffee menus, and much more.