One cup filter


Rombouts invented the typical Belgian filter, which has become synonymous with the highest-quality filter coffee.Rombouts filters are the simplest and most effective way to serve a cup of fresh coffee in the office at any time.

Cachet d’or (Gold Seal)


Rombouts Gold Seal gets its delicate, rich aroma and its powerful, refined flavour from the finest Arabica coffee beans.  Rombouts Gold Seal coffee makes every cup of coffee a moment to be savoured.



Weight: 70 g



A great gourmet coffee, Rombouts Dessert offers a mellow flavour and smooth aroma from the finest American and African beans.

Rombouts Dessert makes anytime of day a gourmet moment.



Weight: 70 g




Why deny yourself a pleasure because it makes you anxious or because it disturbs your sleep? Although it lacks caffeine, Rombouts Decaffeinated has preserved the richness of its aroma and the strength of its flavour.


Weight: 70 g



A particularly dark roasting gives this delicious Mokka coffee its vigorous character, its full flavour and its deep aroma.


Appreciated by connoisseurs, Rombouts Mokka benefits from being drunk black



Weight: 70 g

Fair trade - small coffee farmers


When you drink coffee produced by a small-scale producer, you are not only choosing a high quality coffee grown with care and attention, you are also helping to improve the producer’s living conditions.  In fact, Rombouts buys this coffee from them at a fair price, respecting the International Charter for Fair Working Conditions established under the aegis of the independent Max Havelaar organisation, whose label acts as a seal of approval.



Weight: 70 g