malongo caf 

A new Malongo Café opens in Nice


For the first time ever, the city of Nice welcomes a new boutique in the heart of the town centre, located on Avenue Jean Medecin. It is the 16th store that the company Malongo-Rombouts now open.

La boutique



The authentic world of coffee stops off in the Malongo boutiques. Stylish and friendly, understated and rich with the history of coffee, these boutiques are a cosy stop off for urban dwellers. Customers can enjoy a coffee cocktail, or a tea or select a coffee for made-to-measure grinding by an expert: Malongo Cafés, escape to a haven of relaxation and comfort.


Les Produits


a journey to tasting paradise

Here, one film is shown on a loop: the Malongo adventure in the plantations of Mexico. The Small Growers. Magnificent glass jars full of black beans, just like in an apothecary shop. You read the labels : Jamaica Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Moka, Pure Papua coffee, etc. The trip has started.

Exhaustive Arabicas from around the world. We have them all, or the main Arabica coffees in any event. 45 single-origin coffees: a treasure just waiting to be found. Which one should you go for? Laëtitia, Laurence and Pascal provide guidance depending on your preferences. Their coffee culture is vast and detailed. These are scientists. A big and beautiful copper grinding mill, a mesh adapted to the grinding I need, the odour of freshly ground coffee, etc.. Travel to the world of aromas... Only, where are my friends?

Sitting around the table, ordering teas. The list is incredibly vast: black, green, smoked and scented teas. More than 60 varieties are available! Rooibos from Namibia, Bai Mu Dan delicate white tea, fruity Yunnan Fop, spicy teas, etc. Travel for your taste buds.                                                                 

A couple selects an Oh Espresso machine. A lady sets off with a Wenge wood box. She will fill this box with the selection pods she has just purchased. Two tourists spent time over the Kouassi cups with their African patterns, and then the Mirror cups and their fun reflections, and finally opt for the oval cups with the stylish design. A forty something shops for brown sugar and almond "Chatines".... The journey to the land of happy palates goes on.

Photos on the walls tell the tale of coffee and show the beauty of the plantations. Check out the info on a Barista, an expert in serving coffee. A meeting on Fair trade will be organised tomorrow. It will, of course, be calm and civilised, in a friendly atmosphere conducive to discussion.... Travel to the land of ideas.

I now know that I will come back to a Malongo Café. Either here or somewhere else. I'll opt for a cappuccino. A real cappuccino!