business PHILOSOPHy


Rombouts' core values are high quality, respect for the work of men and women, and ongoing innovation in order to offer consumers the best possible coffee.














Guaranteeing the best in coffee

1. Selection of coffee beans

High-quality coffee begins with a rigorous process for selecting plantations.

Rombouts prefers to select arabica-type coffees which grow at altitude, from plantations where the berries are hand-picked and the beans are extracted using the wet method.








2. Quality control

Rombouts is also one of the few roasters in the world to carry out three inspections of its batches of primary materials. Samples of coffee are tasted in a laboratory before purchase, upon delivery, and finally after roasting.






3. The art of roasting

Roasting is an art, because it aims to develop the coffee's maximum flavour through cooking. In order to do this, Rombouts uses the traditional method, which takes the longest (up to 16 minutes), but which gives the best results.










4. Vacuum packaging

To preserve its flavour, the coffee is sealed in vacuum packages after roasting.









There are many important factors to take into account in order to achieve the best results...

Respecting people


Each year, Rombouts becomes more committed to sustainable development, notably through its launch of a line of Fair Trade products. Fair Trade is coffee which Rombouts has purchased under specific conditions:


These include a guaranteed minimum purchase price, a development bonusfor the completion community projects which are democratically decided upon by the producers (access to education and health care, improvement of infrastructures, etc.) and preservation of ecologically fragile regions.






Thanks to innovation, Rombouts has been able to grow over the years, notably through its creation of the filter, the 1,2,3 Spresso system, etc. Numerous projects are still being developed with an eye toward offering consumers the best possible coffee.